It's 2017 - Where's Our Immortality, Already? –

It's 2017 - Where's Our Immortality, Already?

Just in case you're wondering we're currently living in the future. Some of the brightest minds are trying to make immortality happen - right now. And, turns out, it's not as futuristic far fetched as it sounds. Immortality and the Fountain of Youth are rapidly becoming the au courant trend of Silicon Valley, and if anyone is going to figure out how to live forever, it's those guys.

We live in a world that fetishizes youth, and Silicon Valley is no exception. To be the next Tech God you need to be a brilliant, hoodie wearing genius - but you also have to be young. And just as the tech boom is bursting in Silicon Valley, so are the plastic surgeon’s wallets who are making people even in their 30's look younger by going under the knife. What's better than youth? Eternal youth. Catch what I'm saying? That's why some of these tech wizards are spending bank to finance experimental exploration into immortality. 


Innovators like Peter Thiel (PayPal Co-Founder and venture capitalist) is fully on board to usher in the new era of immortality with Cryopreservation While it sounds like something straight out of a sci-fi novel, it's a viable means of living forever. The idea behind it is this: people are frozen so that the brain and body remain intact. The idea is that
you'll wake up and have the same brain and body you had before being frozen. But, the bad news is the waiting game is on for the technology required to revive your body. Couple hundred years tops. The good news is, your personality will be intact, maybe with a touch more swagger because you've just dodged life's biggest bullet.


While still in the clinical trial phase, Parabiosis is breathing new life into the search for eternal youth. It might sound a bit intense, but well worth it (according to the lab rats this process was tested on). Parabiosis is essentially a blood transfusion where you replace your old blood with fresh, young blood... which admittedly sounds like the premise of a horror movie. But, it's a highly sought after treatment for those seeking eternal youth and a nice relaxing blood transfusion.

Swallow the Doctor 

This idea was born from the minds of Albert Hibbs and Richard Feynman who were doing groundbreaking work in nanotechnology in the 1950's. They posited that these “micro machines” could be swallowed and used as "body janitors," fixing the body's
problems immediately, at the source and the moment they arise. What could possibly go wrong?

It seems there's still a long way to go before immortality is available to everyone. Fortunately, we've got a lifetime to wait...