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What Men REALLY Think About Period Sex

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I know. I’m pushing the envelope here. But why not??

As a woman, I had been dying to know what men really think about period sex. I mean, it’s not exactly the most comfortable topic for them to talk about, right?? I think many guys try hard to wrap their heads around it. Some succeed, and some, well... not so much. I had interviewed a variety of women on this topic, but not quite as many men. So, Odeeva went on the street to hear what some amazingly open men had to say.

In general, for most men, period sex is still an abyss of unanswered questions, as the opportunity or desire to ask about it is limited. I mean, it’s not exactly the most comfortable topic, right? Overall, many men still find it quite puzzling in a wonderful way.


Personally, I think it’s a turn on when a man is up for period sex, because not only do women have to deal with 5- 10 days of unbearable moodiness, cramps, and fatigue, but should we also be made to suffer from lack of sex? ARGHHHH! Research (and my friends!) also say that period sex can alleviate cramps, reduce stress and shorten the cycle.

In the end, I guess it all depends on how both partners really feel about it.

“If someone’s like, ‘Blood, in general, is fine, but when it comes from a vagina it’s disgusting,’ that’s ridiculous.”
- Yvonne, 29

"I think I speak for a small but growing minority of men who are actually kinda into it. Don't think it's weird, not grossed out by it at all... My take is that if the hypothetical girl in question doesn't mind or even enjoys having sex during the Crimson Tide, then I don't mind either. One girl told me she loved having sex on her period because it alleviated her cramps, which gave the lovemaking a whole new dimension—it was like I was helping her out, massaging her muscles from the inside. That said, I draw the line at cunnilingus during menstruation."

-Adam, 33, research assistant

In a Cosmopolitan Interview with a few random men, they were asked if they like period sex. I was intrigued by the answers!

Man A: I don't really think it's a direct dichotomy of liking it or not liking it, right? That said, in my narrow experience, the girl enjoys herself a lot — maybe slightly more than usual. I've been told by a few partners they tend to be hornier and enjoy sex a little more on or around their period.

Man B: I don't know that I like it more than non-period sex. But I like it because it is sex, which I (usually, hopefully) enjoy.  

Man D: From my experience, the sex has always been really fun. I'm not sure why. I know there's a hormonal thing on the woman's side of things.

Man A: Sure, if we're not in a hurry, but a towel only does so much, stays in one place, and gets crumpled up pretty easily. I know the realities involved.

Man B: I've put down a towel once in the past, but to be entirely honest, it was at the suggestion of the woman I was sleeping with, since she knew her body on that front and said she wanted to put one down.

Man C: A towel is usually close at hand. Or we save it for the shower, although I don't love shower sex.

Man D: At the time, we were always having sex at her apartment and she usually put down a towel for the sake of her sheets. One of our common solutions was shower sex. If you and your partner can make shower sex happen, I would highly suggest it! No cleanup, and if the bodily fluids bother either person, it makes it much less noticeable.

Man E: Yes, like in the shower or on a towel.

According to Cami Ellen, Relationship and Love Coach for Odeeva, “Period sex can feel like an awkward, uncomfortable topic but it’s nothing to be embarrassed about. If you decide as a couple to be sexual during this time, remember in addition to pleasure and bonding, sex and orgasm can release tension, relax muscles and alleviate uncomfortable menstrual cramps (bonus!). Practically speaking, be sure to use a dark colored towel and follow with warm bath or shower.”

Boom!  There you have it! I really don’t blame or judge either way. It’s one of those things where so many thoughts and feelings play a role. Some like it, and some don’t.




The Odeeva Team