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Who We Are

Odeeva is a monthly subscription club, that makes a woman's life a whole lot easier.. We deliver the brands you know and trust, free to your door, every month on time! - How’s that for convenience Your dreams just came true- Odeeva!

We all have demanding lives and our time is precious. We try to stay healthy and live a balanced life but let’s get real... It’s impossible to remember everything. Odeeva, takes one more thing off the “to Do List” every month, right when you need it most. What’s in your box? That’s up to you! Choose from a list of trusted products and munchies.

“I’m surprised and unprepared every month”
- Brittany

“It’s an amazing idea, because these types of emergencies happen. Every. Single. Month.”
- Valeria

“Having it shipped and no human contact sounds like a dream”
- Colleen

“Way too many pair of underwear have been ruined on account of NOT having Odeeva”
- Jill

What are the essentials? Women have spoken, and we have listened…
Along with Tampons, Pads, Liners we offer